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Works in Oil

I create geometric abstractions that refer to resilience and optimism as basic human instincts. 

My colorful work is rooted in a deep interest in various interpretations of the grid superimposed upon or juxtaposed with expressive rendering of space and patterns. A recurrent theme is the subject of movement reflecting on the relationship between light and motion, by incorporating free flowing line and dimensional shapes into the grid. I create tension by combining bold architectural lines with the softness of biomorphic shapes. The fragmented light on planes appear like broken glass signifying human tragedy, shattered life and ultimately the recreation, new formation and re-emergence. The work conveys the perseverance of the human spirit and the strength to begin anew.

I set out with either an under drawing to develop a general layout or by creating a background painting defining a space over which I draw intuitively curved lines or pattern with a chalk pen. Each defined shape is rendered in dimensional shading to convey a sense of abstract realism. I utilize a ruler to create straight lines but shy away from painter’s tape as I embrace the imperfections of the free handed line and the element of chance.

I work intuitively drawing inspiration from patterns observed in nature and architecture, fragments of memory and personal experiences. I pull from an array of colors and shapes to create a unified and coherent visual experience, expressively rich and nuanced. I work in a variety of sizes ranging from small 8×8 inch pieces on wood board to larger canvases of around 30×40 inches.

My practice demonstrates the power of creativity as a source for human resiliency.